Welcome to the ScopeSim Documentation!

An attempt at creating a common pythonic framework for telescope instrument data simulators.

ScopeSim is on pip:

pip install scopesim

ScopeSim templates provides templates for creating on-sky sources:

pip install scopesim_templates


ScopeSim only supports python 3.6 and above


July 2022: The downloadable content server was retired and the data migrated to a new server.

ScopeSim v0.5.1 and above have been redirected to a new server URL.

For older verions, please either upgrade to the latest version (pip install --upgrade scopesim), or follow these instructions to update the server URL in the config file.

The ScopeSim python ecosystem

There are several packages in the ScopeSim ecosystem to be aware of:

Welcome to the ScopeSim Documentation!
  • ScopeSim: The engine behind the whole simulator

  • ScopeSim Templates: A series of helper function to generate on-sky targets

  • SpeXtra: A pythonic interface to many common astronomical spectra libraries

  • Pyckles: Pythonic access to the Pickles (1998) spectral library and Brown (2014) spectral library

  • IRDB: The Instrument Reference Database, where the instrument packages are stored

  • AnisoCADO: For making SCAO PSF cubes that readable by ScopeSim

  • skycalc_ipy: Connects to ESOs SkyCalc server to get atmospheric spectra

  • How Many Photons: A simple package for quickly calculating the number of photons within a given astronomical filter


Much more information on these packages will be coming very soon!